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Moose hunting

M Gagné

Moose hunting 2019


Our Hunting territories

ZONE 2 :

Routhierville sector

Located in zone (2), the territory is 91 hectares (914,800 m²). It is exclusive to the lodge. Close to the lodge, it is accessible by pick-up or ATV.

Map of the territory

  1. Download and install Google Earth
  2. Open the hunting territory map

9 day moose hunt (october)

Bull, cow and calf

Bow and crossbow and firearm

  • October 19 to October 27
  • 10 nights and 9 hunting days
  • $ 2,599.00 per hunter, 2 hunters per package



Mann Settlement Area

3½ lots (zone 1) in Mann Settlement (20km from Routhierville) 350 acres, with mirador and saline already prepared.

Bow and crossbow

From September 28 to October 6, 2019

10 nights and 9 days of hunting

$ 2,799.00 per hunter, minimum 2 hunters per package

Bow and crossbow and firearm

October 19 to October 27

  • 10 nights and 9 hunting days
  • $ 2 799.00 per hunter, 2 hunters per package
  • Moose with antlers (10 cm or more) and calf (note²)

Note 2: A resident holder of a moose cow hunting licence (random draw) can hunt moose cows at the place indicated on his licence

Included in the packages

  • Arrival towards the day before, land identification, adjustment of weapons to the firing range
  • Departure the day after the last day of hunting after breakfast
  • Accommodation in single occupancy
  • The three meals every day, a dinner box will be prepared for you so you can continue your hunt if you want
  • Tree stand, cache, site preparation, saline, minerals etc
  • Spa access, free WIFI

Not included in the packages

  • Guide
  • Cleaning and packaging
  • Provincial resident or non-resident permit
  • Local drying and butchering facilities are available at additional costs
  • Taxes and service fees at the hostel
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • arms
  • Ammunition
  • Transport
Taxes and services charges at the lodge are not included. All prices, packages and special's are subject to changes without notice.