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Fly fishing Classes - Initiation School


Québec province is reconnized worl wide for the quality of the fishing and also for the accessibility to an incredible number of lakes and rivers where we practice salmon and brook trout fishing.

 (Initiation) 1 day

You are passing through our region and would like to try the experience?

Who never dream of having there feet in a salmon river and to breath the clean air we find in a region where the wild diversity is still preserved. Scenery's at it's best, the sound of the river flowing, your instructor is guiding you and teaching to how to fly cast, fly line and fly in the water, your hearth beats faster following your anticipation, a salmon rolls on your fly and takes it, the battles in on, emotion's,...strong emotion's to live!

We offer you the possibility to live the experience for a day with a qualified guide either on the Matapedia river or on one of it's trebutaries.

From june 1st to september 30th.                                                                                              

1 day initiation with and instructor                                                                                           

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Our Instructor Guide

André Bélaieff






Included in the initiation day

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For all fishing reservations we kindly ask you to use the reservation button bellow, or please contact us directly. 

Fishing school 4 days from 2 to 4 fishermen 

On request

Classes last 4 days and are intensive, they have been designed to give you as much information as you need to be able to understand the basics and acquire the best techniques for Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing. 

You will learn about fishing equipment, knots, casting techniques, how to read the water, which fly to use, how to land and release a salmon and how to tie your own flies. 

Courses are open to all and we welcome groups and corporate groups.

If you have never experienced fly fishing for Atlantic salmon and want to try before investing, it is the ideal choice.

This is definitely the approach to choose if you want to become an authentic Atlantic Salmon Fly Fisherman. 

The student must purchase is provincial license.                                                                                                                                                                  

Elements discussed during the course:      

Included in this package 

From june 1st to september 30th



Not included

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