Matapedia River Lodge

The Lodge


Located on a mountain side with a breathtaking view of the river, the 4 star lodge is situated in the small historical village of Routhierville where you find one of Canada’s most beautiful covered bridges

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you all .....

Fisherman from the public sector and the GLEN EMMA sector!

At the Lodge you will find a place, accommodation and 4-star meals. We are located just 5 minutes from the Glen Emma Guides Camp. The Auberge de la Rivière Matapédia is the favorite spot for fishermen because of its proximity and its location in a natural environment a few steps from the Routhierville Covered Bridge pool.

Travelers and tourists ....

Although you may not be salmon fishermen, that does not stop you from enjoying the lodge, its surroundings and our hospitality. Whether you are just passing through or in our beautiful valley for a few days, we offer several activities and advice of places to visit, be welcome.

The 'Green' lodge, a 2011 new construction, is made totally of local wood, a renewable material  that gives a warmth ambiance and a rustic look.                           

Whether it be the coziness of the rooms and the antique decor, the living room with its fireplace or the veranda panoramic view, the rustic adornments complemented by the old fishing camp décor, will certainly please you

In the main entrance you will find a mud room with divisions, shelves and hooks to suspend you fishing gear and other outdoors equipment, simply to make you stay more enjoyable. On the veranda you will also find hooks to suspend your waders and rods. 

For your convenience and next to the fly shop, an fly tying table is available for you to tie some new flies.

The garage is available to securely store your bicycles and the use of tolls for ajusting or fixing your bikes is free.


Vocation of the lodge:

The Auberge offers lodging in the Matapedia Valley

The Auberge has two vocations, that is to say it is both an Auberge/Gite that welcomes people passing through, tourists and workers. 

It is also an Lodge/Outfitter that welcomes hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

The term outfitter, derived from "pourvoirie" (outfitter), designates both the business and the territory it occupies, with or without exclusive rights. As the name indicates, the outfitter provides, in addition to lodging, one or more of the following services: transportation, food, equipment, guide, etc.

We are open and accessible to all fishermen, so it is not mandatory to hire the services of a guide. You can stay there with the accommodation plan that suits you best....according to your needs.

The lodge rooms 

The rooms have been decorated with a focus on rustic focus in mind. 

We have four rooms upstairs, each one with a unique decorating scheme and ambiance. We can accommodate up to 10 fishermen and visitors, individually or in groups :

There are three complete bathrooms at your disposal, one upstairs, one on the main floor and one in the basement with a bath.

Either fishermen or tourist, we can satisfy your needs with different lodging rates, meals and customized packages.                                    


It is available for everyone whenever you want to play board games, to chat and to be safe from the small insects that are not too present .



Particular attention is taking preparing our meals served three times a day. 

Our fine gourmet cuisine is served in a three service (table d'hôte), we offers different dishes
every nights.

Obviously, salmon and smoked salmon are our specialties along with fresh sea food in season, BBQ, poultry, soups and local products, such as; vegetables, fruits, oyster mushrooms, jams and jellies, maple syrup, served to satisfy our guests and will, without doubt, excite your taste buds. 

Breakfast is included in our rates. For those who want to have lunch on the river, we will prepare a cooler for you according to your tastes.

We do not have an alcool license, please bring your liquor and wine. A bar, a fridge and ice will be at your disposal.


Please let us know if you have alergies or any special dietary requirements

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Taxes and services charges to the lodge are not included.All prices, packages and special's are subject to changes without notice