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FQSA, october 2014, Québec fund raiser supper, advertising in the Saumon illimité winter issue


Here is an article on the Matapedia river that was published today to the ViaRail blog...


FSA, Atlantic Salmon Journal, article on the lodge in the winter issue page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

King of the River

King of the River is a documentary series that invites viewers into the intimate world of Atlantic salmon fly fishing. The action take place on the beautiful salmon rivers of Gaspésie and Bas St-Laurent, showing the amazing landscapes of the Gaspé Peninsula located in eastern Québec, Canada. André will teach the secrets of fly fishing, a particular and very enjoying type of fishing, chosen by hundred of thousands of worldwide fishers.

Don't miss the episodes shot by the incredibles production King of the River on the matapedia river, in cooporation with the Matapedia River Lodge, starting this 2015 april on WILD-TV, Sportsman channel et WFN channels.