Matapedia River Lodge

Summer activities and packages

Photo: René Caissy©

Come in the Matapedia Valley and find the perfect environment for numerous activities.

Lakes, rivers and woods, what else would you need to experience one or several activities that are available from the lodge. In partnership with a local company that specializes in these types of activities we offer you many packages including activities, lodging and meals at the lodge.

We have several outdoor packages that are safe for family and children over 5 years.

A minimum of 4 people is required before departure whatever the activity is.

It is possible to join a group if you are less than four people or alone.

The (Matapedia) package

River: Matapédia

This little 25 km package allows you to paddle on the river, enjoying nature’s beauty, and to relax in an enchanting environment.

You will float down the magnificent Matapédia River from its confluence with the Causapscal river starting at the (Les Fourches) salmon pool until you reach the Routhierville covered bridge.

At lunch times while taking a break, the guide will describe the life we find on the river either under the water or on land in many places where you will contemplate the beauty of the river and its wildlife. You will also discover the river through many different landscapes and salmon pools where anglers try their luck on the king of the river.

Upon your arrival at the Routhierville Bridge all you will need to do is go to the lodge and relax on the porch or in the spa enjoying a nice cocktail.

Michka Bélaieff©
  • 199.00$/pers activity, lunch, diner and lodging
  • 286.00$/2 pers activity, lunch, diner and lodging
  • Distance : 25 km
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Duration: 3h30 hrs
  • Transport at the starting point
  • A canoe, life jacket and oars
  • 1 accompanying guide
  • Luch book and energy snack
  • Table d'hôte and room at the lodge

The (Tide Head) package

River: Restigouche

This package leaves from Matapédia and ends 14 km further down, on the Restigouche River, where the tides affect the water level of the river.

There are a multitude of islands on this course; many options are available to you.

Nature Aventure
  • Starting at 154.00$/pers with B&B lodging
  • Starting at 254.00$/2 pers with B&B lodging
  • Distance : 14km
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Duration: 4hrs
  • A canoe or kayak, life jacket and oar's
  • Transportation to the river’s access point
  • 1 accompanying guide
  • 1 energy snack
  • Routhierville room

Snorkeling (Mouth watering) package

River: Assemetguagan, Matapedia and Moulin

This package allows you to learn about the Atlantic salmon.

You’ll get to see it in its natural habitat, with your face in the water. This is the best way to see it. You will feel part of the salmon school. You’ll visit beautiful salmon pools created by waterfalls that are formed from the streams and small rivers of the area, as they flow into the Matapedia River.

Nature Aventure
  • Starting at 204,00$/pers with B&B lodging
  • Starting at 354,00$/2 pers with B&B lodging

Beverage and energy snack

  • 1 lunch… see menu choices
  • An accompanying/interpreter guide
  • Transportation to return to the access point
  • A wetsuit
  • A mask and snorkel
  • A life jacket
  • A canoe or kayak according to your preference
  • Routhierville room

Snorkeling (Supreme) package

Rivers: Kedgwick or Upsalquitch

For real adventurers ..

We offer you a big day to play in the water on a wilder river. The Kedgwick or Upsalquitch rivers are perfect for watching salmon with their big pools and beautiful pebble beaches that make it easier to dock. The Kedgwick River is also known to have huge salmon. It is not uncommon to see salmon over 20 pounds! You will also have the chance to go through the fall of the "Falls Brook" and swim in its spectacular pit with very clear water. The Upsalquitch will dazzle you with its surprising rocky walls underwater.

Nature Aventure
  • Starting at 234.00$/pers with B&B lodging
  • Starting at 414.00$/2 pers with B&B lodging
  • Duration: 1 day (8 to 10 hours)
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Departure: 7h am
  • Beverage and energy snack
  • 1 lunch… see menu choices
  • An accompanying guide and interpreter
  • Transportation for the day
  • A wetsuit
  • A mask and snorkel
  • A life jacket
  • A canoe or kayak, according to your preference
  • Routhierville room

Included in the packages

  • Activity
  • Lodging
  • Breakfast
  • Access to the jacuzzi
  • Free Internet Wifi

Not included

  • Prices do not included tips to the guides
  • Taxes and services charges at the lodge are not included
  • Alcoholic beverages (at the lodge)
Taxes and services charges at the lodge are not included. All prices, packages and special's are subject to changes without notice.