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Fly shop, equipment and canoe rental

Welcome to the Fly Shop.

In our lodge fly shop we carry a few articles that can make the difference on a fishing trip. We are not a full heavy loaded shop, just a small with useful accessories and equipment. 
  • Taxes are not included.
  • All prices are subject to changes without notice 

Salmon Flies

Our inventory is quite complete and carries most of the effective flies you will need on the Matapédia river and many other Gaspé rivers. 

Wet Flies                                                                                                       

  • 4.50$ - 5.50$ - 5.95$
  • The anglers choice, we have a great choice of single and double wet flies from # 3/0 to # 12, featherwings, hairwings, bug bugs, streamers, stoneflies, muddlers etc..

Spey Flies

  • 5.95$
  • Excellent type of fly on the Matapédia especially in june and july in high water
  • Many patterns from  # 3/0 to # 6


  • 3.75$
  • A must in july thru september on slow and medium-fast water in hot weather
  • Bomber, Wulff from # 2 to # 8.

Trout Flies

  • Starting at 1.49$
  • Great choice of wet, drys, nymphe, streamer, muddler, tandem

Fishing equipment rental                        

Fly rod package                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Line #8 - 9, 9½ foot WFF line
  • Line #9 - 9 foot WFF line
  • Includes the rod, reel, floating weight foward floating line and backing


Waders, felt sole and stud wading boots, rain jackets 
  • Fly rod package                                              30.00$ /pers/day
  • Waderspackage                                              35.00$ /pers/day 
  • Empty fly box                                                  3.49$ /pers/day
  • Complet fishing outfitt                                  50.00$ /pers/day

Canoe rental 

For fishermen

  • OldTown 17 foot canoe with paddles, anchor with rope and pulley, flotation device and pole

For adventure

  • Old town 17 foot canoe rental including paddles, anchor with rope and pulley, flotation device for a day on the river  
Transportation up-river and to your vehicle is also available. 

Price per person

  • 1 Day                                                                50.00$
  • 2 Days                                                              75.00$
  • Days                                                              90.00$
  • Days                                                              115.00$
  • Days                                                              130.00$
A 40% deposit with a credit card is required for your reservation.

Fishing accessories, clothing

  • Rio fly lines                                                                   
  • Rio leaders
  • Maxima material
  • Hand tied maxima leaders
  • Backing
  • Ginx floatant
  • Clips
  • Polarised glasses
  • Line loops
  • Fly boxes
  • Fly reels
  • Fly rods
  • Lodge Caps
  • Lodge T-shirts

Tiger Ghost Body Material

  • Since 1998, we manufacture the original black and white material: 3,99$ per meter. 
It is the same original product that was used to be made by the Gudebrod Co to tie this incredible fly.