The Lodge

Located on a mountain side with a breathtaking view of the river, the 4 star lodge is situated 
in the small historical village of Routhierville where you find one of Canada’s most beautiful covered bridges

It is a great pleasure to welcome you.....

GLEN EMMA sector anglers!         

At the lodge you will find 4 star lodging and meals.
We are located only 5 minutes away to meet your daily guide at the famous Glen Emma Guide Camp.
The Matapédia River Lodge is the most popular location for anglers for it's proximity in a natural setting.

Regardless of your favorite outdoor activities, we will take care of everything for you....
Come and enjoy a natural environment close to the river!
Tourist and travellers Perhaps you are not salmon anglers, but that does not prevent you to enjoy and experience the lodge, the environnement, surroundings and our hospitality. Either you are just passing thru or maybe staying a few days with us in
our beautifull valley, we offer many activities et informations about places to visit, you are more than welcome.


The 'Green' lodge, a 2011 new construction, is made totally of local wood, a renewable material             
that gives a warmth ambiance and a rustic look. 
Whether it be the coziness of the rooms and the antique decor,
 the living room with its fireplace or the veranda panoramic view,
the rustic adornments complemented by the old fishing camp décor, will certainly please you

In the main entrance you will find a mud room with divisions, shelves and hooks to suspend you fishing gear and other outdoors equipment, simply to make you stay more enjoyable. On the veranda you will also find hooks to suspend your waders and rods. 
For your convenience and next to the fly shop, an fly tying table is available for you to tie some new flies.

The garage is available to securely store your bicycles and the use of tolls for ajusting or fixing your bikes is free.

Vocation of the lodge:

The lodge has two vocations, its is in the same time a B&B/Lodge that welcomes visitors but its also a Outfitter/Lodge that welcomes
Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor enthusiasts. 
The terme outfitter means as well the enterprise than the territory it occupies if it is with or without exclusive rights. 
As indicated, the outfitter lodge supplies, either one of the following services: transport, restauration, equipment, guides, rental etc.... 

The lodge is open and accessible to all anglers, so it is not required to retain the
 services of a guide to be a guest at the lodge. You can stay with the lodging plan that suits your needs!

For all reservations we ask you to use our own reservation platform or contact us directly, 
 please do not use the ipadvisor or other reservation platforms.

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We offer three types of lodging at the lodge:  

Lodging for fishermen (American plan) 

This plan included three meals every day and snacks for the river.                                                                                                                    
  • Arrival the eve at 16h00 
  • Unlimited access to the lodge, the jacuzzi and all our services during your stay
  • Take a nap at your convenience during the day
  • Departure the next day around 10h00
From 165.99$ to 255.00$ (1 pers) per day, (2 pers) 435,00$ per day


Lodging for fishermen (Europeen Plan)                                                 

This plan included a full breakfast                                                                                                                             
Lunch and diner are also available on request. 

  • Arrival the eve at 16h00 
  • Breakfast
  • Unlimited access to the lodge, the jacuzzi and all our services during your stay
  • Take a nap at your convenience during the day
  • Departure the next day around 10h00
From 99.99$ to 119.00$ (1 pers) per day
Suite 165,00$ 
(1 pers) per day

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Lodging plan for visitors and groups (Stantard - Non Fishermen)

This plan includes a full breakfast                                                                                        

Lunch and diner are also available on request.                                                                
  • Arrival the eve at 16h00
  • Take avantage of the lodge and the terrasse on your overnight stay
  • Departure by 10h00 the next day of your stay 
From 69.00$ - 99.00$ (1 pers) per night
From 89.00$ - 119.00$ (2 pers) per night

Suite 134,00$ per night


Aditional persons visitors:
  • Children 3 years and older : 25.00$ per night 
  • Access to the Spa for tourist: 10,00$ per room
  • Access to the Spa for tourist: free with supper

The rooms

The lodge rooms have been decorated with a focus on rustic focus in mind. 

We have four rooms upstairs, each one with a unique decorating scheme and ambiance. We can accommodate up to 10 fishermen and visitors, individually or in groups :
  • Two rooms with double beds, equipped with small refregirators                                                                                                                                                    
  • One room with one double and one single bed
  • One room with two single beds.
  • One (en suite) room with a King bedprivate bathroom and with private access to the terrasse.
    The room is located near the lounge and dining area. (For more details and prices please call us).

There are three complete bathrooms at your disposal, one upstairs, one on the main floor and one in the basement with a bath.
Either fishermen or tourist, we can satisfy your needs with different lodging rates, meals and customized packages.



For your relaxation after a great day outdoors,
 what better to spend some time in our Jacuzzi. 
A showers before entering the jacuzzi is mandatory.

Children must be supervised at all time.   

Use of the jacuzzi is included with the (table d'hôte). 



Particular attention is taking preparing our meals served three times a day. 

Our fine gourmet cuisine  served in a three service (table d'hôte) offers many dishes.

Obviously, fresh salmon and smoked salmon are our specialties along with fresh sea food and BBQ, poultry, soups and local products, such as; vegetables, fruits, oyster mushrooms, jams and jellies, maple syrup, served to satisfy our guests and will, without doubt, excite your taste buds. 

Every morning the aroma of fresh coffee, pancakes or waffles will put you on your feet in seconds. Don’t forget the evening desserts !

For those wishing to dine on the river, we will prepare an ice box filled with good things.

We do not have an alcool license, please bring your liquor and wine. A bar, a fridge and ice will be at your disposal.


Please let us know if:
  • You have any special dietary requirements or allergies so the Chef arranges for you not to have anything you cannot eat. 



Taxes and services charges to the lodge are not included.
All prices, packages and special's are subject to changes without notice