The ultimate experience in nature!

Recognized with its 2 600 kilometers of trails, the Gaspé offers you trails recognized by the Fédération Québécoise des Club de Quad.

The Gaspé peninsula is a must to see for its accessible lanscapes, the trails go thru many little villages and cross many rivers, montains and valleys. Landscapes as far you can see with breath taking views 

You are a nature lover, the diversity of the fauna will suprise you with interesting and instructive encounters.

The lodge is accessible via the trails of the Club VTT de la Matapedia and the village of Sainte Florence. The map of the region is very well detailed with all the infos you need.

Either for lodging or for its great table, the lodge offers you quietness et total rest.


Directions how to get to the Auberge de la Rivière Matapédia lodge from Sainte Florence:                                    
Geolocalisation of the lodge

Gas and tools:               
Gas canisters in 10 and 20 liters are available if ever needed. 
We also have at you disposal some tools, air compressor, air gun etc... 

Map  of the trails of the (Club VTT de la Matapédia)

Directions from Sainte Florence to Routhierville 

  • From the 132, take the n° 10 trail until chemin Charest.
  • From there, keep going on the rang Matalik until Routhierville, more or less 12 km of trails/dirt road.