We are happy to put to your disposition a few camping emplacements on the lower property bellow the lodge where we find grass.
These emplacements are mostly for salmon anglers, cyclist and tourist that wish to camp near the river and whom are passing thru our lovely region.
We acceptly stays of 1 to 5 days only.

A full bathroom is at your disposal at the lodge.

We offer only a few spots:
  • Two space for tents or tent trailers with only water and 30amp AC110V, 25,00$
  • One space for a RV  that has less that 26 ft (with two services), 30,00$ 
  • Fire place whit grill for cooking
  • Wood available on place

    You must cross the river on a covered bridge and there is a template for legal hight at 2,7m, but it is still possible to cross the bridge without damaging your rv if you drive slowly.