Sites to visit

Les Chutes et le Marais

Located at 15 minutes from Causapscal you will find this site on the Causapscal river.
Jewel of the Gaspésie, the salmon is the king of our waters by its beauty and its combativity on the end of a fishing fly rod. Come and observe him jumping the (Falls) of about 3, 5 meters or 12 feet high. Each year, from the end of may, one can observe the powerful salmon leap this canyon-like natural obstacle. A stairway has being installed to allow the observers to go down to the falls. Picnic tables are available and two interpretation and observation trails can be hiked from spring to autumn. The IAT trail also follows along this rugged stretch of river.


At the site of the Marshes, situated on the edge of the Causapscal River, a barrier that holds about five hundred salmon in the Marshes pool is established. 

These Salmon are protected until autumn throughout September to mi-October until spawning at wich time the gates are raised and the fish are free to carry
out their mission of redd diggind and egg laying.

The marshe site is classified as a Salmon sanctuary, fishing is prohibited. However, facilities have been created to allow the public to observe the penned-in salmon from at close range.